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LudicrousSpeed said:
Imagine being called toxic just because you posted a simple honest opinion about a game and also posted a picture proving you collect many PS4 games. And no Don, he didn’t post the picture to prove he’s a “Sony guy” he posted it because someone childishly swept his valid opinion aside because he’s “more of a Nintendo guy”. So he posted the picture to prove he has plenty of PS4 taste.

It’s fucking dumb that you’d even feel the need to try and defend the nonsense in this thread. I guess the consoles launching soon have the console warriors in full battle ready status or something.

And how he having only a single PS4 1st party would prove he isn't more of a Nintendo guy?

Would it be like you complaining about Sony releasing less diverse games this gen so you can`t complain about these games selling little or more frequently saying how bad the 1st party games are?

And yet again you talking about others doing console war as if you weren`t one of the easiest recognizable warriors on the forum.

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