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BraLoD said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

- Doesn't concern, still bother enough to compare LT sales of both games, even combined the sales of both vanilla ver and remaster ver to make it look better, ok.  

- If there's a problem, then no way Nintendo games keep selling millions at full price after many years. You aren't a Nintendo fan, why do you have to care? 

BANNED: Flaming/Trolling (serious history of both) ~ CGI

I don't know if I should reply as that post got you banned, but I don't see a problem in explaning that to you, so I will.

I'm not the one that started comparing sales of them, the person I replied to did it, but in a way that downplayed one of them while saying only facts matter, what I did was simply bring the hard cold sales here then.

What doesn't concerned me was how much any of them sold at full price or not, as that was irrelevant to the actual sales number comparision.

I didn't say there was a problem, only that I look from my side, the consumer side, instead of Nintendo side, and from my side I would like very much that they did slash their games prices as that affects my purchasing power directly.

It may not look like it to you but I love several games that Nintendo made, even if I'm not really a fan of their bussiness model indeed, those are separated things.

And just as a heads up, BotW looks like a great game to me, one I'm certainly interested into, the problem here was trying to downplay TLoU sales to make it look even better, not anything against against BotW to begin with.

Because BOTW sales on Switch is better, you have to combined the last gen ver and the remaster ver together to beat it already show how much better BOTW Switch is compared to TLOU PS4. Beside, no one combine the vanilla ver sales of last gen with the remaster ver sales of current gen just to compare to the Switch ver except you. Not to mention about the timing release of the both games: PS3 ver is 2013, PS4 ver is 2014 and BoTW Wii U/Switch is 2017. If both games came out at the same year, what would happen now?

Last edited by HoangNhatAnh - on 06 February 2020