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Leynos said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

Well according to some here, yes, that would be your fault. There can be no negatives in Last of Us, if you experienced any shortcomings then it's simply your fault for not playing the game the correct way. I read that somewhere on this forum. Also very nice collection of a huge variety of types of PS4 games. But you dislike ND games so your opinion is less than worthless, as some have already told you lol. By the way your critique of LoU is fucking spot on. The stealth in that game is goddamn abysmal.

I try to give everything a chance. There have been games or genres even devs I wasn't a fan of before but I gave something a try and became a fan. My pallet is ever-expanding.  I love gaming as a whole. As a collector, my goal is always finding that next great experience for me. Some people get way too petty and offended something popular is not liked by someone. I have yet to try Pokemon as they do not appeal to me but similar games have. One day I might jump in.  I do like Sony systems (I even keep a Sony PockeStation in one of my PS1 systems) a lot but I hate the arrogance and toxic attitude Sony fans give off in my experience It's very similar to the toxicity of Boston sports fans. The ones that act like that, stop having their own personality. Just a mob. " You played it wrong, nothing is wrong, it's perfect, you're a joke" ...all over a video game. It's a mob mentality. I do not understand the arrogance. That type of attitude is like taking credit for something you had no part of. Like when a sports team wins a game. Fans say "We won!" Then becoming toxic to others not rooting for their team. Who's "we"?  You did nothing. I don't hate Naughty Dog or anything. I don't dislike them. Just indifferent atm but nothing for me is indefinite. Always willing to try and try again. Always willing to expand.

A most recent example of this to a much much greater extreme. Tales of Series.  I have no idea why but I tried so many games in that series. Each time I felt more disgusted than the last time. Then Vesperia Remaster came along. Holy shit that game is great! I loved it! I'm looking forward to Arise. Bulletstorm never looked all that appealing from its marketing but finally playing it. Not without its issues but it's a damn fun game. One of my fave FPS games, kinda felt like a mix of VanQuish mechanics with Serious Sam attitude. Same with Doom. Anyway sorry for the long post.

Before complaining about other people toxicity you may as well check your own.

You attacked the gameplay, AI and other aspects of a game playing on the mode that is made to be easy to regular JOE. Play the game on the hardest difficult and see if you have the same opinion of how hard it is and how the AI behaves.

Also when you send the image to prove you are a "Sony fan" there were only a single 1st party over there. So it really is a very reasonable conclusion that you don't like the 1st party in general, it isn't something specific to Naughty Dog. And again whenever you want to be extra harsh on something that is generally well liked you have to prepare for the backlash.

I don't personally like Halo (due to not liking FPS) nor Zelda (not sure why but never drained my attention), but I won't go there and criticize how the gameplay is bad, the lack of history or anything. I have zero need to prove that me not liking those games is justified.

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