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Leynos said:

yes yes it was my tastes that made the AI in TLOU terrible of what I played. Yes it was my fault that walking all around some dude and the AI did nothing and when one of them did do something it was running right at me in a hallway like a Serious Sam game. It's the fault of liking Hardcore Mecha. Also my fault for designing a terrible sequence in a game with the Boat segment in Uncharted 3. Even tho that segment was universally hated.

I did not know to go into the mechanics of the game and not flaming others would make them so sensitive as if I insulted their mother. Yes, it's my fault for trying to have a discussion. It's my fault for not flaming him to get flamed. Gee sorry.

Well according to some here, yes, that would be your fault. There can be no negatives in Last of Us, if you experienced any shortcomings then it's simply your fault for not playing the game the correct way. I read that somewhere on this forum. Also very nice collection of a huge variety of types of PS4 games. But you dislike ND games so your opinion is less than worthless, as some have already told you lol. By the way your critique of LoU is fucking spot on. The stealth in that game is goddamn abysmal.