Lonely_Dolphin said:
Alcyon said:

I never realised that Pokemon S/S was a remastered version. And please, srop with see the good old "if they enjoy it, they must be stupid. And young". This level of arrogance is over 9000.

Pokemon S/S could have been much better games. But saying that Pokemon S/S and Warcraft reforged are on the same level of lazyness is showing a big lack of mental capacity. And even if they were as lazy as Blizzard, they didn't downgrade the old games. Poekmon S/S was probably developped for the 3DS, so I can understand most of the issues. 

He did not say the situation was exactly the same, just that they are similar with customers settling for inferior products and accepting being lied to.

I don't like the idea of bashing the consumer, sure they're enabling anti-consumer shit, but ultimately it's the company's fault for taking advantage of them. Those who just buy n enjoy the product but still acknowledge it's flaws are totally fine. People are free to buy whatever makes them happy and not buy whatever doesn't. It's only those who defend, and by defend I generally mean attack people for criticizing and holding their money, that are irrational.

I know S/S was not everything people had hoped so I can see where you might deem that settling, but how did Game Freak or Nin lie to people about S/S ?  Legit question there, sorry not a fan of the series so although I have bought many iterations of the games for the kids I've never played one myself or followed news of them that closely.