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So, I must apologize, I have been keeping the idea that we still might have a Switch Pro coming this year, and that Nintendo was just trying to keep healthy the sales of the 2 current models, and also, to not screw up the launch of Animal Crossing in march...

I am not the only one to have thought that, so it seems that lying to investors can have very bad consequences, and here this would be a significant and strong lie to the investors, the sentence was clear...If it would have been instead something less accurate like :

"We are not planning to release a new hardware this year"

This would have still let a room for a Switch pro...Because it would not be a "new" hardware but just a variation of the existing...

So I am not unhappy with the eventuality of a much stronger new hybrid console in 2021 totally retro compatible, so people buying it would still have more than 3000 games available on day 1, 3rd party could port 9th gen games because the new "Super Switch" would have the power of a PS4, and Nintendo could still in the same time keep supporting the current Switch in releasing two versions of Splatoon 3, two versions of Mario Kart 9...

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