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I have been playing games for 30 years and 2 things I've learned

1 - Sony always delivers until the end and even after

2 - Microsoft abandons their consoles, every single time, we still have ORI coming but that's not a big name game, we could argue Halo Infinite but that's a next gen game which will have an inferior port for current gen.

Still not as bad as the very first xbox which was supported not even 4 years or even the 360 that got forgotten since they introduced Kinect and relied on 3rd party

Logic tells me the same will happen again, sony will support ps5 for at least 7 years and Microsoft will have good exclusives for 3 or 4 years and they die down and ignore the console.

Xbox hasn't even started on VR and sony already has hundreds of VR games, Microsoft needs to wake up and fast or else next gen Sony will stand alone with Nintendo as a secondary console just for Nintendo games, because the switch will never be capable of ports of next gen games.

My prediction for next gen (7 years)

PS5 ends selling around 120 million

Switch ends with numbers in the 130 million 

Xbox series X ends with 40 million