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Barkley said:

God of War is my favourite, and probably will remain it. I'm sure TLOU 2 will be great, but I doubt I'll like it as much as GoW or Horizon. Those two are probably my favourite games developed by Sony ever.

Im with you there. Any hack and slash, adventure, rpg game will always beat a shooter for me. God of war hit every not with me but again, its naughty dog we are talking about here. TLOU was the only game that had me holding my tears. Gameplay wise I have seen better. But who knows what improvements they do in part 2.

I did like horizon. I dare say more than spider man. Only thing I would change about it is to make Aloy a little more human. really dint like her development. Had the story and her development been better, horizon would be up there with god of war.

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