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Jpcc86 said:
Of the exclusive games that have come out I find Nier: Automata (missed in the poll) and Bloodborne to be the best by a significant margin - not to take away from Horizon, God of War or Uncharted 4 (also missed in the poll and more deserving than most), which are also fantastic. So for me at least, at this point the best came early. Whatever happens later when FFVII or TLOU2 hit the shelves is yet to be seen.

Honestly only reason I dint put uncharted 4 in the list is because I believe TLOU is Naughty dogs Top ip at the moment. They  seem to be saving it for the end of the gen for the second time. 

P.S would I been able to beat bloodborne or sekiro i would probably think of one of thouse as the best, but I suck. Although I got pretty close in bloodborne. Sadly to say, I dont think I will be playing anything by From Soft again. Aside from the dificulty, thouse styles of games are what Im all about. 

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