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I'm shocked at Pkmn doing 16 millions already. Usually they dont have much legs but this one having dlc for a whole year might fix it. It will for sure pass 20 millions which hasn't been done for the franchise in a long long time.

MK8 almost at 23 millions dang.
Botw going to surpass SMO this year, which is crazy. Both will get to 20 millions eventually and with Smash, Pokemon and maybe animal crossing, that's like 6 games... mind blowing.

Also, great hardware numbers, I think that the VGchartz numbers were fine before adjustments imo, cause now we have like 1.4 million on shelves 1 month after these numbers and there where low stock situation in many countries so I'm sure there wasnt like 2.5 millions consoles on shelves at the end of December. Maybe I'm just dumb and it's late lmao.

Also great performance by LM3 which is going to be the best selling in its franchise like pretty much every title on the Switch.