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TallSilhouette said:

I expect this could be my favorite year over all with the combination of Dreams, TLOU2, Ghost, and whatever else Sony might surprise us with for the PS5's launch, but the PS4 game that will define the console looking back will probably be God of War, honestly. I don't think anyone expected it to be such a standout given Santa Monica's recent struggles but it showed everyone that it's still possible for a AAA production to deliver AAA quality without any of the BS business practices that have been normalized over the past couple generations; not even a shred of paid dlc, just a complete SP experience that can stand on its own with no strings attached. I hope it'll be a good influence and not the last time we'll see such a project.

You said it. But not all DLC are bad. Expansions like for Horizon zero Dawn added some pretty good content. Story, equipment, enhancements and new mechanics and environments. Reminded me of the witcher 3 expansions. They where really worth it. But yea, some publishers really like to squeeze every penny out of us. 

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