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NOA got way too much control of Nintendo in the 2000s. We got a lot less Japanese games as a result. A lot of bad marketing. Until Iwata got full control over NOA again it was a dark period. Iwata got a bunch of those Japanese games overseas. Sony is now censoring 3rd party Japanese games. You can make snide remarks "the only for da pedos" is just an ignorant view. Most of those games are not for me but it hurts relations to do that. So many of those games were released on Switch uncensored. I'm also aware that not all localization is censorship. What Sony has been doing is, however. From a pure business decision maybe this makes more sense for them as a company. SEGA was once a US company and transitioned to a Japanese one mainly. I am however just sick of seeing on the US side execs automatically thinking Japanese game equals bad for a western release. Either they don't release it at all in the west or they heavily alter it.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!