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twintail said:
CrazyGamer2017 said:

Yes but why are the headquarter in the US? And not just the headquarters, it seems decisions are taken in the US, like censoring nudity in some games, a US decision. Why didn't Sony Japan, supposedly the ones in charge say and do something about it? Same with Sony in Europe, I heard nowhere that European branches opposed Sony's American decisions.

All this shows that the power is clearly shifting towards America. And I wonder why? Sony is a private company so they don't need to go by politics or territory culture or history. And this brings a deeper question: Is this shift of power something forcefully taken by Sony America or are the other branches just ok with it and kind of submitting to this dynamic? If yes, why?

Look, stop trying to overthink very easy business decisions.

The current SIE is a merger of the Japanese SCE and the US Sony Networking departments. The networking department is responsible for this like PSN.

PSN is making Sony a ton of money. So logically, the move was sound. 

Likewise, the Japanese game market is moving further away from console experiences, and the USA is very much a strong market with growth potential for the PS brand.

It's that simple (when reduced to very basic form).

Totally agree plus it's where most of the big Sony studios are.