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I'd prefer if it stayed with Shuhei Yoshida tbh.
Either that or give it to someone in europe.

With the PS4, they said alot of the games were designed around things they knew their comsumers wanted (in europe).
Alot of their games turned out pretty great. Shuhei did a pretty good job running the show.

Americans often accuse the japanese of being "anti american" when it comes to buying products.
(while ignoreing the same is true in the US, xbox sells alot more than it would, if it wasnt hailed as being american)
(which is to say, theres americans that rather not buy products, if their not american)

Changeing leadership to some suit in the US branch, isnt going to help anything imo.
Neither will sales be better in the US for it.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 28 January 2020