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trasharmdsister12 said:
I forgot to add that I've played through more than half of Hollow Knight (currently on that rolling boss that becomes more than one boss during the battle) and I'm just terrible at side scrolling games in general so it has been a not so enjoyable experience for me. Though objectively when I look at the game and all the design and work put into it, I know it's an incredible piece of art and design. But that's why I haven't included it in my rankings. It is no doubt better than Lords of the Fallen, but beyond that it can't be a 1-1 comparison with its 3D contemporaries for me.

Hollow Knight is a pretty great game, that overstays it's welcome and the last bosses (that I played.. haven't faced all of them after ~50hrs and quit the game after reaching 1 ending) are some bullet hell shit. I wouldn't categorize it as a "soulslike", it's a pretty straightforward Metroidvania and if you have trouble with the super precision platforming like I do then I think Ori 1 is a better fit for you as you can power up your skills/jumps farther than the game ever requires you to perform.