Mr Puggsly said:

I'm talking about the game design and assets in general, Cyberpunk looks 8th gen. Numerous games have visual features exclusive to PC. You know what I referring to but opting to play dumb it seems.

Maybe on a base Xbox One, which will likely be the worst looking release of the game with severely cut back assets... But I am not really saying anything new here, the Xbox One has trailed the other platforms all generation long in regards to visuals.

Mr Puggsly said:

Right, Steam is obviously above average specs. We agree on that.

No we don't. Don't put words in my mouth.

Mr Puggsly said:

Just clarified games don't need to be designed for X1X to benefit from the specs. But you seem to be playing dumb again.

I am going to ask you to back off on the name calling.

There are games on Xbox One X which don't benefit from the additional specs.

Guess you aren't able to find a source to reinforce your arguments like I have?

Mr Puggsly said:

Again, your post suggested content designed for X1X is only doing 720p. Sometimes your words can suggest something you didn't intend, but I think you knew what you were doing.

The Xbox One X is an Xbox One. All Xbox One content is technically designed for it.

curl-6 said:

Magnetic: Cage Closed is 720p on PS4 I believe, and Ark Survival Evolved is either 680p or 720p depending on whether you choose normal or detail mode.

A lot of games with dynamic resolution can go to 720p on PS4 as well when pushed, like Titanfall 2 and Nioh.

Happily stand corrected! I would assume their visual makeup would still be a step up over the Xbox one version though.

Mr Puggsly said:

No point in extending that irrelevant argument. His wording suggested there are 720p games designed for X1X.

False. That is merely your interpretation.

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