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Grats on the pick-up. Were you pretty pissed at your bro for what happened with your last PS3? And did something break while putting it back together, or was it just too complicated? Still have it?

The most recent thing I can recall using my PS3 for was Ni No Kuni. I bought Ni No Kuni 2 when it released, but I still hadn't finished the first one, so I held off. I've been slowly picking away at the original from time to time, but it's kinda fallen off my radar for awhile now (it's sad to say).

Fun console, and I have a lot of memories with it. Not a big fan of fighting games (except maybe Smash), but I remember playing SFIV with my roommate in college. He got a PS3 before me, and I didn't get mine until they implemented the trophy system. Not many games had trophies at the time, and for a little while I had trophy fever.

Oh, for the first few weeks, I was playing on an SDTV still, but seeing my roommate playing on his 37 inch TV made me jealous. It wasn't long before I went and spent some of my student loan money on my own TV (42 inches, not to be outdone). A friend from across the hall also got a new PS3 at the time, and convinced us all to get Warhawk, so we played that some nights together. I remember playing through Army of Two with my girlfriend (now my wife), and Burnout Paradise was another one of my first games.

Thinking about this just makes me feel old.

On another note, it's weird how dated consoles from last gen already feel. Navigating the XMB on the PS3 feels slow compared to the PS4, and forget about multi-tasking on the PS3; if you have a game running, the XMB can get very laggy. This wasn't necessarily due to technological limitations at the time, but more so that Sony didn't give the PS3's OS very much dedicated RAM, and this prevented things like cross game voice chat from getting implemented.

Wonder if Sony will continue with the XMB with the PS5?

Edit: And I still remember playing on my PS2 for a few years after getting my PS3 because that's the console that I owned all of my Guitar Hero guitars. (I dominated guitar hero in the 2000s).