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yo33331 said:
zorg1000 said:

Are you aware of what emerging markets are? It's pretty much everything besides North America, Western Europe, Japan & Australia.

Sony choosing huge profits and never having a permanent price cut on PS4 Slim & Pro despite both being over 3 years old and PS5 likely being sold at a loss initially all suggest that Sony has no desire to do any big price cuts for PS4.

Okay, PS2 did 25M, PS4 is now at almost 18M there, so there is still 7M more for PS4 to do there, outside of these markets. With US, europe and japan left, PS4 can reach 140M with proper pricecuts.

As for the profits, there is some logic in that yes, but this is also true for every other past generation, and despite that they have always done at least 1 major price cut, even 2 with PS2 and PS1.

140m isnt realistic, look at regional sales in a similar time frame.


N. America-47.68 million (shipments March 07)

Europe-44.79 million (shipments March 07)

Japan-20.15 million (sales end of 2006)

NA+EU+JP-~112 million


N. America-35.30 million (sales Jan 2019)

Europe-43.67 million (sales Jan 2019)

Japan-8.84 million (sales Jan 2019)

NA+EU+JP-~88 million

It currently has a ~24 million deficit in these 3 regions and that will grow as NA/JP are not as strong for PS4 and PS4 not taking as long to reach mass market appeal in emerging markets within Europe (Eastern Europe). This deficit will likely grow to ~30 million when all is said and done.

Even if RotW matches PS2, the deficit in NA+EU+JP will not allow it to reach 140m, 125-130m is far more likely.

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