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Dulfite said:
Jpcc86 said:
Of course, Sony consoles are reliable, have a giant library with a lot of quality games distributed in a wide variety of genres that easily appeal to all ages. Its the whole package, its hard to leave behind a product that good. Either way, in every gen since the ps1 I've always had a Playstation and another console (usually from Nintendo) since Ive always felt - In my personal experience - console wars are moronic, you miss on a lot when you marry yourself to a brand/platform.

Are you saying there should only be one console or that people should buy all the consoles? If the second:

1) Many, if not the vast majority, can't afford multiple.

2) Many can, but don't want to clutter up space with multiple devices, wires, and controller sets (me).

I literally did not suggest anything to anyone, which is why I remarked my comment is only based on my personal experience, since I have no issue with either points you make - which are valid points.