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"Sony’s PlayStation and its four (soon to be five) iterations claimed the most dedicated customers, followed by Xbox and Nintendo, respectively. But just as fans can be loyal to a particular game console, they also hold strong allegiance to game franchises that might be unique to particular gaming systems."

" 40.7% of the people survey chose the PlayStation brand, which was followed by Xbox at 31.0% and Nintendo at 30.4%. Gaming PC and gaming laptop were separate entities with 14.7% and 8.6&, respectively. It seems that Google Stadia didn't make the cut. The study also determined that one in three of the people surveyed said they were interested in purchasing the PlayStation 5, while 1 in 4 were interested in the Xbox Series X.

Sony began to dominate the home console market during the PlayStation 2 era, though the company faltered for several years during the PlayStation 3 era, allowing Microsoft to gain a lot of ground with the Xbox 360. The PlayStation 4 has been killing it in terms of exclusives titles during its run and there are still plenty of awesome games coming to the system before the launch of the PlayStation 5.

Sony managed to gain a stranglehold on the market by combining their systems with entertainment units, such as how the original PlayStation could play CDs and the PlayStation 2 could play DVDs. There are now a ton of different ways to consume media in the modern age, but Sony managed to grow a loyal fanbase in the decades since the release of the original PlayStation and they continue to stand by the system into its fifth iteration."

If PS5 launching without problem, PS5 could have more sales then PS4