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Otter said:

I understood the story the first time round without these but it leaves a very bad taste in ones mouth without all the necessary world building. Comparably every final fantasy before this sewed every ounce of the world into playable and story segments.

Although FFXIII is a masterpiece compared to the aweful story telling FFXV which relies on entirely separate pieces of media like the CG film and anime to build its world. 

The problem I have with the story is the bad writing the actions of the villains make no damn sense they want you to complete a task then try to stop you but want you to succeed as well as the incredibly wtf moment of all this madness about showing their chosen a cryptic message when they can speak the bloody languages of the beings they're meddling with and the clowns can't seem to figure out how so many people are failing their tasks it's literally comical.