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Otter said:
Enjoyable, definitely too repetitive but they made some great strides in terms of strategy but the management was too macro.

Good characters and a solid story but some poor story telling and world building with most of the most interesting stuff left to datalogues.

In spite of its flaws i was actually able to finish it unlock FFXV which felt half baked by comparison even if its general openess appealed to my rpg sensibilities

Agreed, at least in part. Story telling I think is one of its weaker points because it first the whole L'Cie and Fal'Cie stuff get confusing, peoples motivations change on a dime with no real satisfactory conclusion. It goes from "I wanna kill this person" to "nah let's be friends" way to quickly. Not to mention one aspect, and really the biggest aspect makes no sense at all, but that would be spoiler territory. The big twist basically.

It's a game that's not assaultingly bad but fails to live up to any other major jrpg franchise. That gen's Tales Of Vesperia is better, Xenoblade X is better, Persona 5 is better, I really can't think of a major jrpg that is worse and the reviews and receptions only go down from the first which didn't score well critically or consumer wise and for good reason.