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As a huge DBZ fan, I had high hopes for this game. Finally, a decent effort DBZ RPG. But the more I play it, one word comes to mind...shallow. Also, quite repetitive. The Dragon Ball Saga is an enticing one, but as I played through it I couldn't help but say "I already know this is going to happen" and skip through it. There is little of substance to detract from the main story. Super boring fetch quests, no meaningful is just a let down.

The game is not awful by any means. It's a good DBZ game and a okay game overall in my opinion. I don't care too much for the combat. It eventually boils down to wait until you charge your meter and beat the living crap out of your enemy, and spam your best moves because there's no penalty for using Ki. In a few seconds you're back to full.

Visually, it looks gorgeous at times and others it looks like Budokai 3. I do appreciate some of the attempts made to break the monotony up, but most times those efforts come up really short. The Z Orbs are like guidelines they're making you follow when instead I'd rather just be able to explore the world without guides. The villages, while novel at first, end up being nothing more than dry areas where you can buy and sell items.

One of the main things I like in Kakarot is the Community Board and Soul Emblems. They add a bit more depth to the gameplay which is already quite mundane.

I could go on and on about this game but overall, it was a solid effort. This is a step in the right direction for Dragon Ball, but I hope in the future they try something like this but with the care that Monolith Soft put into Attack of the Saiyans or try to add in quirky stories that the Legacy of Goku games had. Legacy of Goku 2 and Buus fury weren't anyting special, but it was the presentation, amount of quirky stories along with the main story that made them shine a bit more for me. I don't recommend this at full price. It's worth $30, not $60 in my opinion.