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Supermario28 said:
RolStoppable said:

That's not how the gap between sell-through and shipments works. If we estimate 1.5m Switch consoles on shelves now, then that's a pretty similar amount to how many Switch consoles were on shelves when entering the current fiscal year, therefore there is nothing to add onto the sell-through numbers for the current fiscal year. ~17.5m in sell-through also means ~17.5m in shipments.

 I'm not sure I understand this logic. But maybe I'm missing something.

Switch that were on shelves on the 1st of april 2019 should have been counted as shipped during the Q4 FY2018 isn't it?

On the other hand, switch that are on shelves right now were shipped during FY2019 so they should count for this FY.

Rol is saying that if units on shelves/transit are the same as one year ago, then shipped numbers since then are also sold through numbers.

Simple example: A system has 15m shipped and 14m sold through at x date. One year later it has 25m shipped and 24m sold through. The 1m gap between shipped and sold remained the same, so it both shipped and sold 10m units during that year.

Last edited by Nu-13 - on 23 January 2020