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Switch 2020 growth:

Japan: +117'080 (up 30.8%)

WW: +303'956 (up 32.2%)

Outside of japan: +186'876 (up 33.2%)

I thought Japan had the biggest growth but it looks like the rest of the world sees an even bigger increase in these last 3 weeks!

Switch FY19 goal: 18m shipped

Switch from first week of April 2019 (W14) to last week of 2019 (W52) sold 16'824'318 units

The first 3 weeks of 2020: 628'593

Switch FY19 so far: 17'452'911 sold

If we count 1.5m Switch on shelves as we speak, switch could already be close to 19m shipped with more than 2 months until the end of FY19 and Animal Crossing yet to be released