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Fallawful said:
Xxain said:

haxxiy said:

Curiously, I'm playing this game right now. It appeared to have some of the best ideas and subversions of the Final Fantasy series, but the delivery falls flat on its face.

Since you haven't played it yet, I'm not going into details. Just remember this is the game developers tried to defend by saying people were judging it like an western game at the same time they openly admitted to have taken heavy inspiration from Call of Duty.

The bold makes it sound like the game is the black sheep of the series that probably won't be revisited. This CoD comparison is weird - does the game feel like an FPS but the shooting is replaced with RPG battles?

The Fury said:
Bristow9091 said:

Do you know how the Modern Warfare titles in single player are basically a straight line, then cutscene happens, then you move somewhere else, ad infinitum? Yeah, something like that. But instead of some nice shooting you are faced with standard turn-based battles often lasting 2 - 3 minutes each at a time, times one hundred per chapter.

To be fair, a bit like FFX, there are certain plot reasons why you're only going forward most of the time, but backtracking is impossible even late in the game and the places you go through aren't as nearly as interesting.