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FF13 is a good game but it's not a good Final Fantasy game. Graphics were great, no denying that but the characters, story, leveling and combat all for me were dumbed down and some parts just nonsense. Pathing was linear for nearly all the game, lack of choice over builds, main party member dying = game over, press X to get abilities, press X to attack with best stuff. All flash no substance battle system.

If SquEnix released it as anything else other than a Final Fantasy game, it would have gone down as a great game. Sadly, had the FF name attached to it.

I played through it all the way the first time when it came out then didn't touch until years later when I tried tried to go back and couldn't.

FF13 is the reason I'm scared of the 'remake' and how dumbed down it will be.

Hmm, pie.