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I like playing Final Fantasy, but I do not necessarily consider myself a fan because I wasn't a conscious human yet when the series was receiving astronomical fanfare in the PS1 days and early PS2 ones. 

When I hit my prime gaming years, though, I checked out Final Fantasy IV, VI, VII, and X, and XII and loved 'em (to varying degrees). Now with the Switch, I'm checking out VIII and IX. I'm planning on picking up the boy-band Final Fantasy game on PS4 when I've satisfied myself with the two PS1 ones. I don't care much for the Final Fantasy formula, but I do like the grind and the battles, and so the switch-up in XII, for example, didn't bother me like I know it did many fans. Long story short, FF has been consuming my time lately. 

This brings up to XIII. The one that SE hoped would be lighting-in-a-bottle but turned out to be... crap. Or so I hear! 

I remember my 13-year-old arse because hyped beyond imagination when I saw the first Final Fantasy 13 trailer. It looked friggin gorgeous. It's one of the best game trailers ever released. Just check this stuff out: 

Shit man I still get a bit hyped when I see this. Takes me back when I was a hopeful little nerd teen. I never checked out the game, though, because the reception at the time scared me off. I was disappointed along with the whole gaming community despite not knowing what the heck people were talking about. I shunned the game like everyone else. 

BUT! It's now a gap in my Final Fantasy collection and I'm curious of experiencing it. I do not have much time or the will power to check out games I know I will not like, though. So my question is to you guys... how did this game age? Is it still worth checking out? Is the hate the game got reasonable - or was it just the hype at the time that caused the hate? Have you revisited FF13 since it came out, and should I give it a first-time whirl?