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JRPGfan said:
Dulfite said:
But can it do quantum gaming?

I wonder what a game for a quantum computer would even look like.

From what I understand, on or off states, with a quantum computer is more like Sometimes on, sometimes not, sometimes both, sometimes neither....
And that allows it to run many differnt branches at the same time, to problem solve. 
Which is supposedly great for math problems that take forever to calculate, or breaking incryptions.

However I doubt that sort of funktion, would have any benefits on gameing.

However no, it cant do "quantum gameing" because its just regular old x86 binary cpu in there :)
(which is probably a million times better for gameing anyways)

You are almost making sense. But quantum computing is exponentially faster than current cpu tech. And faster computing is always a plus for gaming.

The tech simply isn’t ready in its current state to be used on a consumer level.