V-r0cK said:
KBG29 said:

Just doing a little community service announcement, since Sony can't seem to bother with informing its consumer base on this issue.

If you where one of the nearly 1 Million PS4 owners in the US using PlayStation Vue, then I'm sure you are aware by now that Vue will be going offline on 1/30/2020. Since the announcement of its closure in October, Sony has not made any comments, or responded to any questions regarding Live TV on PS4. 

Regardless, the YouTube TV App has arrived today on the US PlayStation Store. 

This is great news for anyone that relies on their PlayStation 4 for Live TV. You can rest assured you will have at least one option to continue accessing Live TV when 1/30/2020 rolls around.

Maybe Sony feels it's nothing big to announce cause I clearly had no idea Youtube TV was a thing lol.

PortisheadBiscuit said:
Huh? I've been using YouTube on my PS4 for a year now. I am waiting for Hulu Live TV so I can put my Xbox One in the closet lol

The current Youtube app on the PS4 is just regular Youtube, while Youtube TV is their own streaming service for like $50/month. 

I had to google it up just now cause I had no clue about it until 2 minutes ago, and now it's something I know that I couldn't care less about lol

Everyone is trying to dip their hands in the streaming service moneypot.

Ahhhh okay, got it.

And yeah these streaming wars are getting out of hand. Greed I tell ya