TomaTito said:

New patent shows a stylus add-on for joycons... will the Touch Generations return in full force!?


Even if this does not go through, we already had the passive Super Mario Maker 2 touch pen.

And remember that Brain Training came back a few days ago.

Touch Generations never left ^^

This seems silly to me..... I doubt it beats out just useing your finger when its this big clumsy attachment thing to a Switch Joy-con.
Also to have to pull one of these off, and attach a pen thingy to it... instead of just useing your finger, which for alot of smaller tasks will probably work just as fine, its best described as "silly".

Switch isnt a work station, or something a professional graphics designer would use, so it doesnt need serious tools.
Avg joe smoe, and kids with a switch wont need such a device imo (which is the vast majority of switch owners).

That "brain training" switch kid app, where it showed a stylus with a cheaper Dr Mario clone.... could have been played with your fingers or joycon controllers just as well right?