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Azzanation said:
Leynos said:
Faker than those fake NX controllers and the blurry cafe console pics Phones have insanely hi-rez pictures but make it blurry and suddenly it's a "leak" This is too thin. It has a lot of wasted space. Consoles waste as little space on outrageous designs as possible since Wii U launched. Then PS4 and Xbox. They don't make them look all that distinct anymore and never will again. They want them to blend in and be forgotten under the TV. This is some shit render or some shit 3D print job. I doubt Sony only goes 2 USB ports again.

You say all that while MS are releasing this..

Also the rumoured image doesn't show all sides, could be more USB Ports on the back or side.

It's a PC tower and it's not even an outrageous design. (not uncommon for people to have a PC tower next to a TV at times anyway). Not to mention people have electronics of that size with sound bars and recievers for sound systems.  MS isn't wasting space. They packed the thing with high-end specs, that takes up more space. As time goe son it sill get smaller. MS has a history of larger hardware not because they want to be wild and crazy. Just they put a lot in. Xbox Sex still looks like a box meant to go under the TV and blend in with a very simple look. These so-called "leaked photos" of the actual console. Never are except for the 2005 pic of the kid playing a grey Xbox 360 dev kit on the carpet. But guess what. It wasn't a blurry pic trying to make it seem more legit. It was crystal clear. Blurry pics are fake. If it looks too stupid like this fake ass PS5 then it is too stupid to be true. Never been wrong on these. I remember people arguing with me when I pointed out online of the non-moving thumbsticks on the NX controller. How one of them looked like a render. People argued with me. Here we are again. It's fake. It's as real as the Death Drive MK II console.

Last edited by Leynos - on 19 January 2020

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