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CrazyGamer2017 said:

It's a weird question, I'm not saying it's irrelevant cause in the context of what's going on, this question makes sense but it sounds to me like a false issue.

Because it implies that people do not like consoles and buy them cause they have no choice if they want to play this or that game only being released on console. It may be true for some people of course but the OPPOSITE is true too. Should those games exclusive to PC come to console, maybe some PC people should stop buying PC's and move over to consoles...

The truth is most people buy one system or another because they like that system, the exclusives being a bonus, a big bonus, a huge bonus but still a bonus.

I love gaming on console, namely on the Playstation why would I EVER move over to PC? I'm used to the simplicity inherent to consoles, I don't need viruses so rife on PC and a complex OS that needs complex maintenance, a small PC screen, a keyboard that was made to type text and only adapted to play games, a price tag that is several times the console's should I go for a high end PC etc..

I don't think that putting console games on PC is a smart move from Playstation as they lower their chances of selling as many consoles as possible as there will definitely be a segment of gamers that may have planned to get a console, not getting it if they can play those exclusives on PC. But at the end of the day as long as my favorite games are released on my system of choice, I don't fully care where else those games go. It's Sony's problem, not mine.

1. That's up to the devs, and PC folk have been fine with exclusives going to consoles. My only issue is when a game is being made for PC, but really it's being made with consoles in mind, thus screwing over PC in a myriad of ways, but thankfully these days that isn't the case with games being released on PC first and then consoles second.

2. I've yet to run into a virus, let alone "plenty" of them. I don't browse obviously dodgy websites or download files that contain them either, and even then, Windows built in AV detects them on the spot. I have it running scans by default by itself weekly, meaning I don't have to do anything. The OS itself isn't complex either, so I'm not sure where you're getting that nonsense from. There are billions of folk on this rock that use multiple OS's, from Mac, Linux, Windows 7 all the way to 10, and yet they all exist and are used by many. Had they "truly" been "complicated" as you like to claim, then it'd be a widely known and common issue, so much common that you'd find it in the dictionary under "OS". Also "Complex maintenance", now you're simply making shit up, because Windows 10 does auto updates, that do not need your input. I haven't had to run any form of "maintenance" on my PC software side at all, let alone hardware, since I built this machine. 

3. There are more screen types than just 1920x1080 you know?. |You can also plug in your PC to TV's as well, and no it's not "tedious and difficult" either, and please don't bother with the very ancient and widely used by console folk "oh but I have to lug it around all the time", no, no you do not, and that's a really retarded excuse to use, because the vast majority I've known and come across in my life, have never felt the ened to "lug" their desktops around 24/7. Also you have widescreen and ultra screen monitors, as well as support for triple if not multiscreen monitor support, something you do not have with consoles. 

4. Keyboards actually work rather well with a myriad of games, especially those made with PC in mind. Absolutely no need to spread warrior mud by claiming "gamepad>K+M", because you would lose that petty argument in a heartbeat. 

5. The price of a PC is entirely up to the user. There is no "defined" and written rule that a PC has to go for "several times" the price of a console. Only warriors proclaim that each and every time.

I think Sony doing it is a very smart move, because it allows them to extend their brand to a platform they had previously ignored for years, while MS and the rest of the competition are making use of the open platform. This allows Sony another source of revenue, a new audience to garner and generally more marketshare, as a result of extending themselves. I'm not sure why you are scared that more and more people out there see PC gaming as something that appeals to them, the fear that consoles will eventually reach a death knell somehow scares some of you, and it's so random, to fear for a dated design, that will reach it's end point, and something else will replace it, like everything else has done throughout time, from the horse to the car, from the radio to the telephone. Everything get's replaced, and it seems fitting that the very platform that makes games possible, replaces it, because it is a platform that constantly changes and evolves for the better.