KBG29 said:
I will still buy consoles, because I prefer the console experience.

Right now I have PC, PS4 Pro, XBO X, and Switch. Even though I can play Xbox titles on the PC, I have had many occasions where issues on the PC have lead to me going back to the XBO X to play games. These include Hard Crashes going from Gameplay to Cutscene (Gears 5), Refusal to let the game start due to conflicts with AMD Adrenaline DVR and Easy Anticheat (Halo Reach Master Chief Collection), Improper or non functioning HDR and Dobly Atmos function (Windows 10).

I prefer to play games on either a huge display, with a massive sound system, or in VR with High Quality Headphones. Consoles just work better in these situations.

I also, for the most part, just want to play a game. I'm not into trouble shooting, benchmarking, overclocking, or modding.

On the bold part, I am fully agree LOL. But for me i do love modding so PC is must have for me.