Hey There. As the generation comes to an end this year, there are a few games that I still want to play from the previous generation that I havent played/finished. I want to jump into the next generation with no backlog from the X360/PS3 era.

That being said, a few of those games I did not finish due to very poor performance on PS3 (I have always been a PS guy) and I was wondering if it would be better to just get an used Xbox One console to play those, then sell it after Im finished with them. I know that the previous generation was difficult to transport games to PS3 and as a result most of them ran much better on Xbox 360.

Do I get to play them on 1080p on Xbox One and get solid 30fps? Do I get better loading times? A few of those games on Ps3 were even below 720p and several of them suffered big time of frame rate or other issues.

Here goes a list with a few of them:

- Red dead redemption (pretty bad on Ps3, I just gave up. loading times were horrible.)

- Mafia II (again pretty bad, the screen tearing was unbearable)

- GTA 4 (again very bad... hey maybe its a rockstar on PS3 problem?) Also if Im not wrong the game was on 720p.

- COD World at War

- Mass effect 1 and 2 (played the PS3 collection, 1st one was terrible, 2nd one bugged several times at the same place)

- Portal 1 and 2 (I actually havent tried them on ps3)

- Fallout 3

- Halo Series (as a huge Destiny fan I need to come back to understand where it came from)

Many thanks!!