Zoombael said:
HollyGamer said:

Agree with you probably not the hardware , but there is possibility on price. Price tend to be flexible. They will design console on certain cost and let some flexibility exist to have some leeway and alternative on sales tactic. Like with PS4 when they canceled PS4 camera to be included with PS4 and make PS4 more cheaper then Xbox One in 2013.  

That never happened.


..." IGN reports that came at the expense of the PlayStation Eye camera, which has been yanked from the PS4 package. Citing "multiple sources," the report says Sony dropped plans to include the camera with the PS4 and trim $100 off the price.

During E3, Sony announced the PS4 would launch at $399, while MIcrosoft unveiled its Xbox One -- which includes the Kinect motion and voice sensor -- for $499."...