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Shore said:
BraLoD said:

Fact TLoU has sold more than BotW.

Not for long through considering Botw legs

Let him dream, TLOU was giving away for free during 2013(PS3),2014,2015,2017,2018,2019(bundled and PS+), and 2020 for every PS4 with Only on PlayStation bundled. Even MK8D whit heavy promotions by Nintendo was never been bundled that long but only in a few weeks during BF(US) and a couple more weeks in Europe with zero promotion in Japan managed to outsell practically a free game like TLOU. 

BOTW 0 free game bundled with the system = 16.15m as 30th September 
TLOU with a free game bundled with the system during 2013-2020 and PS+ free game = 20m as 14th October

Last year BF week was the biggest promotion for BOTW with $30 price-cut on amazon and other big stores. 

Last edited by LGBTDBZBBQ - on 11 January 2020