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2019. Sure 2017 gave me Xenoblade 2 and it's great. I liked BOTW and Mario and Arms a lot as well. However, 2019 gave me Astral Chain a new IP I'm in love with. Daemon X Machina, my Armored Core sequel I have been wanting. Dragon Quest XI-S my new fave entry in the series. The re-release of Tales of Vesperia made me finally fall in love with a Tales of game for the first time. I got a remake of the Ninja Warriors Again. The best entry in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series. A successor to my fave 16-bit era racer Top Gear 2 with Horizon Chase Turbo. The mana collection on cart at last! I got a fun spinoff for No More Heroes. Finally, a quality remake of my fave top-down Zelda. Links Awakening.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!