JRPGfan said:

Nintendo conditions users to pay alot for their stuff.
Which their proud of..... "this game is 20 years old but still sells at full price!" ,
"sony & microsoft would never be able to do the same, their games arnt worth it".

Switch in general has less competition with software prices.
Basically devs do this because they can, and dont want to rock the boat.

What is this nonsense lol. All ports coming to other consoles at later dates typically keep higher prices. There's nothing special about it regarding Switch. Throw in that Switch is still a new console with a smaller library and of course publishers are going to charge a higher price. You're describing very basic, logical business strategy, stuff commonly seen on all consoles, but trying to make it seem exclusive to Switch because "Nintendo conditions users to pay a lot". When PS5 and XSEX launch you'll see ports of current gen games released at high price. You'll see games that have no business being even $30 launching at $60 because the library will allow it.

Also funny to see you talk down about Nintendo fans being proud of something, as if you wouldn't be saying the exact same stuff if Sony made games that held value instead of selling Horizon Complete Edition for $9 about a year after release lol. Come on.