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Jumpin said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

I actually hyped this game for myself far more than normal.  I saw that it was a special game from E3 2016 and I watched every minute of footage I could possibly find on youtube.  Not only did I watch all of the Nintendo Treehouse, but I watched a ton of different Youtuber's footage that were at E3.  I was so friggin' hyped for the game that I know I watched at least 10 hours of footage total.

My wife was like, "You should stop watching that game.  You're going to spoil the whole thing for yourself and then you won't enjoy it when it's released."  

And I was like, "No it's just one tiny plateau area in the middle of the map.  The game is actually amazingly huge."

Did the game live up to all of my hype?  Hell, yes!  This is the Zelda game that I waited at least 25 years for.  In fact, my favorite Zelda is the first NES one.  This game gave me the feeling of freedom and exploration that the first Zelda gave me, but it came with modern graphics, huge scope, and an innovative physics engine.  I love Breath of the Wild.  It is my game of the decade, basically tied with Dark Souls.

I think I am kind of like that Star Wars fan that saw the first Star Wars in the theatre in the 70's.  They hated the prequels, but then came out in droves for The Force Awakens.  Breath of the Wild is my version of the Force Awakens.  I didn't like the 3D Zelda's I played.  But Breath of the Wild...this is a return to form for Zelda.  In fact, it's my second favorite Zelda.  I like it better than Link to the Past and Zelda 2, which are also games on my top 50 list.  

Is BotW flawless?  No, but it's damn amazing.  It's a rare gem.  As I said this is my game of the decade.

I think this is a major reason why just about no one was disappointed in the game. The Plateau portion was so damn compelling, but then the game after the Plateau was so much greater than the part that they sold and hyped everyone on.

Yeah, they gave us a fantastic appetizer knowing that the main course was even better.

Nintendo, over the decades, has had these moments of brilliance where they not only had a great game, but they marketed it just right.  The key is to hype the game, but still not hype it too much.  Examples that come to mind are Super Mario 3 or the first Smash Bros commercial.  I never even bought a N64, but I do remember thinking the whole Smash Bros concept looked interesting just from the commercial.  And Mario 3 had a whole movie to market it, but it really was an amazing game.  They gave Zelda: BotW the same kind of treatment by making it their only real game to show off at E3 2016 (not to mention teasing it for years).  The hype was big, but the game was even better than the hype.