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Yes, it did. Mainly because I didn't expect another Ocarina of Time. I expected something along the lines of Witcher 3 greatness, and I wasn't dissapointed. Ocarina of Time had certain advantages back in 1998 that perhaps no other game in the series (or in the medium itself) will ever posses.

The climate was different upon BotW's arrival and it still delivered in my eyes a 10/10 experience. It introduced certain mechanics to the open world genre that solved issues in previous open world games. It also featured the usually level of "Nintendo Polish" in a game whose world was perhaps larger than any open world seen previously, which made it a different more refined experience than other games in the genre (Skyrim to me remains an incredible experience but man was/is it buggy). It also moved the series past the established gameplay conventions (which Ocarina set) that had grown a bit stale in my view (Skyward Sword was the first Zelda game that didn't really hit all the notes with me) and into the modern open world era. It was the reason I got a Switch and I loved every hour of it.