Mr Puggsly said:
setsunatenshi said:

Of course, to play console exclusive games. If there were no console exclusives, then buying a gaming pc/laptop would be all we need.

Let me make it a little more clear.

Most avid PC gamers are not buying a console for exclusives, they just don't want consoles or maybe they live in region where consoles expensive, whatever.

There are many software sales to gain by supporting PC, MS has concluded that's more significant than potential console sales to lose. During the 6th and 7th gen I think there was genuine concern about sharing games with PC, but they must have figured out supporting PC has little if any impact on their console sales.

In fact, Sony shares many of its 3rd party exclusives with PC. Why would they do if it hurts their potential console sales? Maybe the money they save by allowing that isn't impacting their console sales enough if at all.

Ever since MS's PC support and Gamepass stuff began they've boasted about software sales improving and user activity in their games has increased. Unsurprisingly, you can reach more people by supporting PC as well. The people interested in playing MS games is not a finite number of people that actually buy Xbox consoles.

They can't figure out something that isn't true. A video game with no exclusives, everything shared with pc will never be a major hardware seller. It may reach a stable number of 20-40 million every gen and be very profitable. Which is totally fine but to say that such a strategy doesn't affect the hardware sales is just wrong.