Mr Puggsly said:
method114 said:

they wouldnt. if thats ms's strategy than its a horrible one.

Do PC gamers generally buy consoles in general? There are parts of the world where many opt for PC over console as well.

People on the internet fake concern about Xbox losing sales to PC. However, I imagine MS is instead focusing on the audience that may not do much if any console gaming.

For example, Halo MCC is becoming a huge is hit on PC likely because many who just game on PC finally have access to it. An audience that wasnt going to buy an Xbox under any circumstance. Hence, more revenue via an audience that may not use consoles.

Why are people buying Halo MCC now? Why didnt they buy a X1 years ago to play it? Maybe because they dont want to use consoles. Maybe?

Of course, to play console exclusive games. If there were no console exclusives, then buying a gaming pc/laptop would be all we need.