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crissindahouse said:
HollyGamer said:

" But but but .... PC gamer don't want to upgrade to RTX 2080 and old GPU is enough to play next gen games !!!" 

On topic RTX 2080 will be cheaper and become mainstream , so upgrading GPU is just natural way for next gen . I believe RTX 2070 super to RTX 2080 will be mainstream and RTX 3060 will be another choice. AMD also planning in bigger GPU with Navi 21, 23 etc. We might see RX 5800 or RX 5900.

New generation new GPU and new CPU. It's time to upgrade or build new one. I am ready to build my new PC with Zen 3.

And how does this news change that you will be able to play 4k PS5 and Series X games with "old" GPUs on PC?

And who said PC gamers don't want to upgrade to RTX 2080? Some want it, some want even more and many will be fine to use whatever they have using a resolution and graphics settings they feel good with.

And yes, there will be obviously also some who need to upgrade and everyone upgrades from time to time. Some will this year, some next or in two years...not everyone this year who doesn't already have a 2080.

Heck, what do you believe an Xbox Lockhart would do? A machine much weaker than Series X. Just running Xbox One games or what? 

you cannot expect an old weak GPU below 2070/2080  to play on par with PS5/Xbox X graphic visual fidelity 

If you read my PC thread about how 2080 will be a baseline you will see a hypocrite that don't want to upgrade, but latter  they will underestimate consoles.

Xbox Lockhart will be weaker  " if "  it's truly coming out, for now Not even Microsoft confirmed whether they will release it or not. Even if it's come out why would PC Master Race care about Lockhart ??? . PC Master Race need to aim better then top of the line consoles . :)