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What Do You Think of the Xbox Series X's Design Now? What Do You Think of the Xbox Series X's Name Now? Does It Bother/Concern You That Series X Won't Have 'Exclusives' in the First 1-2 Years? With Sony Skipping E3 Again, Do You Think Microsoft Should Also Skip E3 in Favour of Their Own Event?
Prediction: How Many New XGS/XGP Titles Will Series X Launch With?
What Japanese IP Do You Most Want to See Ported Next?
What Announcement/Release Schedules Do You Prefer?
When Will Microsoft Fully Reveal Series X and Lockhart?
Prediction: How Many Studios Will Microsoft Add in 2020?
Favourite Gears of War?
Favourite Halo?
Favourite Fable?
Favourite Major Xbox IP? If You Had the Power, Which Studio Would You Bring Back?    

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