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Corporate Vice President, Head of Microsoft Studios: Matt Booty.

Location: Washington.

Studio Head: Bonnie Ross
Directors: Joseph Staten, Pierre Hintze

Employees: 541

Projects & Rumours
Halo Infinite (Ongoing Support)
Project Tatanka (Rumour)

Location: Vancouver.

Studio Head: Mike Crump
Director: Matt Searcy

Employees: 175

Projects & Rumours
New IP (Rumour)
Gears of War 6

Location: California.

Studio Head: Darrell Gallagher

Employees: 47

Projects & Rumours
Perfect Dark

Location: Washington.

Studio Head: Alan Hartman
Director: Dan Greenawalt

Employees: 177

Projects & Rumours
Forza Motorsport

Location: Leamington Spa St Albans.

Studio Head: Trevor Williams
Director: Ralph Fulton

Employees: 349

Projects & Rumours

Location: Leicestershire.

Studio Head: Craig Duncan
Directors: Gregg Mayles, Mike Chapman

Employees: 263

Projects & Rumours
Sea of Thieves (Ongoing Support)

Location: California.

Studio Head: Feargus Urquhart
Directors: Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, Josh Sawyer, Chris Parker, Carrie Patel, Brandon Adler, Adam Brennecke

Employees: 272

Projects & Rumours
The Outer Worlds 2

Location: California Louisiana.

Studio Head: Brian Fargo
Directors: Chad Moore, David Rogers

Employees: 113

Projects & Rumours
Project Cobalt (Rumour)

Location: Cambridge.

Studio Head: Dom Matthews
Directors: Tameem Antoniades, Stephen Stanyon

Employees: 133

Projects & Rumours
Project Mara
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

Location: Washington.

Studio Head: Philip Holt

Employees: 117

Projects & Rumours
State of Decay 3

Location: California.

Studio Head: Tim Schafer

Employees: 75

Projects & Rumours
Multiple New Projects (Source)

Location: Montreal.

Studio Head: Guillaume Provost
Director: David Sears

Employees: 86

Projects & Rumours
Project Midnight (Rumour)

Location: Sweden.

Studio Head: Helen Chiang
Directors: Agnes Larsson, Mans Olson

Employees: 837

Projects & Rumours
Minecraft (Ongoing Support)
Minecraft Legends

Location: Washington.

Studio Head: Michael Mann
Director: Adam Isgreen

Employees: 8

Projects & Rumours
Unannounced Titles (Source)

Location: Washington.

Studio Head: Peter Wyse

Employees: 99

Projects & Rumours
As Dusk Falls
Ara: History Untold
Kojima Productions

Project Belfry (Rumour)
Project Shaolin (Rumour)
Project Suerte (Rumour)
Project Dragon (Rumour)

*Employees According to Linkedin.

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