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Given the success of the Switch, I feel it is likely a Switch 2 will be Nintendo's next system. What are the main features, upgrades, improvements you want to see out of a next gen Switch?

Here's some ideas:

Redone online that brings Nintendo's online framework up to par with Microsoft and Sony. Like needing a mobile app to do player chat needs to go extinct. Friend codes need to permanently disappear in favor of usernames. A way to message friends to set up play sessions. Lots to do here. Also carry forward the Switch's retro gaming service so all the NES, SNES, etc games that are on Switch Online will be on Switch 2 Online from day 1.

Power-wise I'm thinking PS4 Pro level power. 1080p screen. 4k capable when docked. Hopefully a small enough gap from the other next gen systems to get more support from 3rd party graphically downgraded but still good AAA games than Switch.

Maybe take out so hardware that isn't being used to put that money into other parts. I'm thinking remove the IR thing in the right controller since I think only one minigame in 1-2 Switch ever used it. Remove the HD rumble because while it is cool it doesn't really make a ton of difference and I'm assuming there are extra hardware costs to put it in.

Other than that I just want a straight generation upgrade, everything the Switch has upgraded. Cram more battery duration in there, if that means it is slightly heavier and thicker I think that is fine. The other upgrades I'm thinking of are just things they could even implement with a premium version of the Switch which I'm guessing will be coming out at some point - no (or less) dead space on screen, better stand (though I've only used it a few times), much bigger hard drive so that getting a large SD card isn't an immediate requirement for owning the system.

I can't think of anything too interesting, basically just a straight generational upgrade to the already amazing Switch.

You all got any interesting ideas?