Finally got back into Soul Calibur after taking a break from what used to be one of my favorite franchises since the 3rd.  The reason I gave it up was because the series wasn't really evolving.  But, at the same time, I couldn't really think of a way for it to evolve.

Soul Calibur was practically perfect IMO.  Soul Calibur 2 improved it slightly by allowing you to use multiple weapons per character and adding Link for the Gamecube master race, but the core game was essentially the same.  And in 3, it was still more or less the same.  I didn't think it was laziness so much as there not being anywhere left to go.  They nailed it on the first shot (well second).  And they obviously wanted to keep making profit off the great core game they made, but there wasn't much to improve.

So finally back in 6, and not all that much has changed.  You can now shred your opponents clothes (which I probably enjoy way more than a healthy well adjusted man should) and they have super moves and a powered up state now which are... ok.  And a rock paper scissors mini game which is kind of meh.  After so long I'm having fun getting back into it, especially with the online mode (hit me up for a match) but I'm reminded of why I took such a long break, and why I'll probably skip out on Soul Calibur 7.  They just peaked too soon.  

Are there any other franchises you could think of where an early entry was so good that the developers had no place to go with it?

Last edited by JWeinCom - on 29 December 2019