Over the years, we have seen Nintendo do some crazy things from gen to gen.  Especially with their home consoles, the key features of their devices differ greatly from gen to gen.  From motion controls, to touch controls, to a tablet controller, going outside the norm is no strange occurrence for them.  However, I believe Switch might be a turning point moving forward.

Over time, I feel we will be seeing new iterations of Switch in the form of step ups rather than flat out new generations.  I have said this before, but now I believe it more than ever.  As other consoles become stronger, new iterations of Switch will be released to close the gap.  They will be fully backward compatible and will allow for 3rd parties to continue to deliver choice console experiences on the go.  This will of course lead to older models slowly being phased out in time, but they will still get 1st party games and less demanding games for years to come as it becomes a "cheaper" option to replace the 3DS.  We may even see a few "miracle" games on the OG models for a while due to the sheer number of them in the wild.  They won't be pretty, but they will be there for those not ready to upgrade right away for a time.

Now don't get me wrong, they will still think outside the box.  I just do not think they will abandon the hybrid format.  Instead of releasing a drastically new console, we will see more add ons such as Labo, Ring Fit, and maybe even VR.  The way the Joycons function along with the versitility of the Switch allow them to innovate while evolving current hardware, which is a unique and special situation Nintendo has found them in compared to the past.

So what do you all think, will we see Nintendo ditch the hybrid concept for something drastically different?  Or will they continue to evolve the Switch concept, and even keep releasing Switch iterations as a family of devices while innovating in other ways for as long as dedicated hardware remains relevant?

Let it also be known that this would not be a move made simply to keep up with the other consoles alone.  We all know that is not how Nintendo operates.  However, for many reasons I see this as being a very natural progression that Nintendo will take moving forward based on their own goals.


There seems to be some confusion here, so let me clarify. This is not a prediction about small incremental upgrades, but rather the way the Switch family of consoles will evolve down the line. For example, a full blown Switch 2 falls in line so long as what I mention in my OP still comes into fruition.

Key points...

Full BC for OG Switch.
Same eshop with digital purchases carrying over.
Same core hybrid concept and execution.
Innovation being done by add ons like Labo and Ring Fit rather than basing the console around it.

A "next gen leap in power" can still happen and remain part of the Switch family. Be it closer small upgrades or bigger and more spread out leaps in power, the end result is the same for my prediction.  Also I believe this pattern will continue for as long as dedicated hardware remains relevant for Nintendo.

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