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curl-6 said:
sethnintendo said:

Have you tried going to bars? If you aren't looking for relationship and just want to get laid then start going to bars. Drunk chicks are usually easier to pickup. Alcohol will help you get laid.  I've been in long term on and off for past decade or so but I have been good wingman for friends in past. I've gotten one friend laid multiple times by going up to a couple or group of girls first breaking ice then calling my friend over.

Find a good wingman and hit the bars up.

I have tried going to bars, yes, actually met my first girlfriend at one, but I do find them an extremely difficult environment to handle due to the noise and crowds; being drunk helps a lot, but I've been recommended to avoid alcohol while I undergo treatment for my cancer.

I also don't really want to pick up drunk women due to issues with consent.

That's why you at least make sure they are awake first and not passed out.  Jking

I think it could still work. Just pick a bar that doesn't blast music where you have to yell to communicate person next to you.  Might be older crowd bar but shit least you can actually talk to someone. 

Try a poolhall.  You can play pool and darts.  They are less noisy than most bars also.  Also your cancer could be used as a sympathy fuck.  Just don't lead with it.   Act not depressed and happy go lucky at first.  Eventually you can tell them but nobody likes a Debby downer.  So just like 15 or 20 mins in drop the C word but try to quickly move on like it isn't a big deal.  Show some confidence. Women love confidence. Don't get all inflated Donald Trump "confidence".  Just act like you have a pair of balls.  If you get rejected it isn't end of world just move on.   Bring a friend that has a girl or is good at breaking ice.  That way if you are too nervous to talk to girl making eye contact with you then you can send them in first to break the ice.  Try and make them laugh also.  Women love guys with sense of humor.  If you aren't good with spontaneous humor then don't force it.

Last edited by sethnintendo - on 27 December 2019