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curl-6 said:
Farsala said:

Here is how I see it.

Between an attractive guy on tinder or being approached in person, I think they would rather be approached.

So for an average guy on tinder or being approached in person, they would rather be approached.

And it should go without saying that an unattractive guy on tinder is more easily rejected on tinder than being approached in person, so again they would rather be approached.

I try, it's just when I approach women in person I get the distinct impression they're uncomfortable and would rather I pissed off. They also tend to wear earbuds as a "don't approach me" thing when in public. 

What scenarions/venues is it acceptable to talk to women these days?

Of course they are uncomfortable, you are just a random dude at that point doing something that people rarely do. But you do intrigue them. Approaching takes practice and lots of thought and sometimes lack of thought (ie: natural). You need to make her feel more comfortable and also add some banter and a flirty flair to it. A common strategy is to have the same interests as them. While you might not like fashion, it is good to be knowledgeable about it so you can use it in conversation. Other topics work well too.

Earbuds are of course a no go unless, they give you an approving look. Gym girls are a no go, keep the gym to yourself.

The best places are simply where a lot of pretty women walk around, so typically shopping malls. Of course the typical places like bars, and clubs are easier.